Ketamax HCL Ketamine 500 mg10ml

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Ketamine injection contains Ketamine hydrochloride injection, USP that is a nonbarbiturate general anesthetic. Ketamine hydrochloride injection is a rapid-acting general anesthetic producing an anesthetic state characterized by profound analgesia, normal pharyngeal-laryngeal reflexes, normal or slightly enhanced skeletal muscle tone, cardiovascular and respiratory stimulation, and occasionally a transient and minimal respiratory depression. The mechanism of action is primarily due to the antagonism of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA receptors) in the central nervous system. Ketamine hydrochloride injection is indicated for the induction of anesthesia before the administration of other general anesthetic agents. Ketamine hydrochloride injection is indicated to supplement low-potency agents, such as nitrous oxide.

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The basic recommended dose of Ketamin HCl is 1-4.5mg per Kg as an injection or Intramuscular administration of 6.5-13mg per Kg. It is generally very safe, works quite quickly, and will allow carrying out of the procedure without causing pain and distress but some of the common side effects include vomiting, nausea, agitation, nightmare, abnormal behavior, double vision, hallucination, etc. Close monitoring of heart and lung function is necessary while receiving this medicine. The intravenous dose should be administered over 60 seconds. More rapid administration may result in respiratory depression or apnea and enhanced pressor response. It is safe to use in breastfeeding mothers.
Ketamine injection is a general anesthetic. It is a prescription medicine used as a sedative for diagnostic and surgical procedures. It allows the procedures to be carried out without pain and distress as it inhibits the painful sensations in the brain. This injection is used in a hospital setting only.
Barbiturates and ketamine hydrochloride, being chemically incompatible because of precipitate formation, should not be injected from the same syringe. Because pharyngeal and laryngeal reflexes are usually active, ketamine hydrochloride injection should not be used alone in surgery or diagnostic procedures of the pharynx, larynx, or bronchial tree. Muscle relaxants, with proper attention to respiration, may be required when ketamine hydrochloride injection is used alone. 

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