Imovane Zopiclone 7.5 mg

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Zopiclone in the strength of 7.5 mg is sold under the brand name of Imovane. Zopiclone belongs to the class of medications called sedative-hypnotics. It is used for the short-term and symptomatic relief of sleep disturbances. Zopiclone can help with difficulty falling asleep, frequent wake-ups during the night, or early morning awakenings. Its mechanism of action is based on modulating benzodiazepine receptors. In addition to zopiclone's benzodiazepine pharmacological properties, it also has some barbiturate like properties. The activity of zopiclone is believed to be related to its binding on the benzodiazepine receptor complex and the facilitation of the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) function.

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The recommended dose is 7.5mg zopiclone by the oral route shortly before retiring. Zopiclone should usually not be taken for more than 7 to 10 consecutive days. Prescriptions for Imovane should be written for short-term use (7-10 days) and it should not be prescribed in quantities exceeding a 1-month supply. The use of hypnotics should be restricted for insomnia where disturbed sleep results in impaired. It should be used only by people for whom disturbed sleep results in problems functioning during the day. A lower dose of 3.75mg zopiclone should be employed to start treatment in the elderly. Depending on effectiveness and acceptability, the dosage subsequently may be increased if clinically necessary.
Short term treatment of insomnia, including difficulties in falling asleep, nocturnal awakening and early awakening, transient, situational or chronic insomnia, and insomnia secondary to psychiatric disturbances, in situations where the insomnia is debilitating or is causing severe distress for the patient. Long term continuous use is not recommended.
Imovane cannot prescribe to the patient suffering from any hepatic or kidney insufficiency as it may lead to increase blood concentration and severe adverse effects on the patient. The use of zopiclone during pregnancy is not recommended. Women of child-bearing potential should be warned of possible risks to the fetus should pregnancy occur during zopiclone treatment.

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