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Proviron is a brand name of androgen molecule specifically prescribed for men. Androgen is an essential hormonal group for the proper growth and functioning of the male reproductive system. Proviron contains mesterolone from the group of androgen hormones. This molecule is useful in improving the level of testosterone in the body. Mesterolone is a synthetic androgen that is acting upon oral administration and works as an agonist of androgen receptors. After the intake, it has studied that these molecules binding with the forms a hormone-receptor complex and binds with DNA and enhances DNA transcription and formation of mRNA which ultimately leads to modification of protein synthesis. It promotes the growth and development of male sex organs and secondary sexual characters and maintains proper sexual functioning.

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In this medical supplement, there will be the required amount of male hormones are supplied to meet the need of their body. When a male body deficient in producing the necessary amount of testosterone, medical professionals are prescribing this medication. Once the complete diagnosis is performed for the male fertility issues, the doctor may start Proviron based on the situation. Some doctors may limit the intake of Proviron to one tablet in a day whereas some may be given a dose up to 250mg per day also.
Androgen -25 mg or Proviron is a medication mainly given to treat male infertility conditions. With the help of this medication, the androgen activity of male hormones like testosterone can be restored and happiness can be shared for their child's expectations. A condition called hypogonadism is treated with Mesterolone tablets.
Belonging from the schedule IV class of drugs, Proviron has some warnings before its intake. Patients experiencing problems like prostate cancer, high blood pressure, difficulty in urination, sleep apnoea, diabetes, any cardiac disease should be indicated to the doctor. A person consuming alcohol or having kidney-related problems should inform his doctor to reduce or manhattan the dose of Mesterolone.

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